Pauline Callais, originally from France, is an experienced, authentic and heartfelt professional singer songwriter and artist. She is extremely versatile. Pauline has great stage presence and energy when performing. Her enthusiasm is contagious. Being very creative, Pauline likes to bring her own stamp to songs, changing the melody or style of song, making an emotional statement.


Matt Helm is a professional guitarist who has played in original bands, covers bands and musical theatre productions for the past 10 years. A versatile performer, his influences stretch from folk and motown through blues, funk and rock to industrial and dubstep. He met Pauline in 2018 and soon signed up as an Imaginary Friend. This has given him the scope to experiment with more acoustic, ambient and atmospheric sounds.


Gareth Wax, AKA DJ Bongo, started out in marching bands and in philharmonic orchestras, moving into punk, new wave and several years as a heavy rock drummer. After 10 years performing he took a 7 year break during which time he was taught hand drums specialising in Latin American, funk, jazz and folk. After 12 years playing in Ibiza, Hamburg, New York, London in the club scene he met Pauline and they formed the Imaginary Friends.