Pauline Callais is a multi-talented Parisienne vocalist, artist and performer. Her powerful and soul-stirring voice develops a wide array of tones and colours, serving melodies that keep in your mind. Pauline has great stage presence and energy when performing, delivering a memorable cabaret style performance. Featuring her own unique interpretation of songs both modern and retro, making an emotional statement. 


Victor Rodz is a professional keyboard player and guitarist who has played in various covers bands for the past 10 years. He has years of experience playing at private and corporate events. As well as playing keys and electric guitar he knows what tunes will please the crowd before, in between and after each Imaginary Friends‘ performance. His influences stretch from folk and motown through blues, funk and rock.


Jimmy Van Lin (aka The Funky Fiddler) is a multi instrumentalist including Fiddle (Violin) and Mandolin. He has played in many Barn Dances, Celidhs, Pub Gigs, Social Clubs, Weddings, Birthdays & Private Functions. Jimmy has won the Fiddle Naseby Battlefield Bluegrass Award twice in 2017 & 2018 as well as the Bluegrass Single Mic Competition in 2021. He also came joint runners up in the London Fiddle Convention Contest in 2016.